Hi there! I’m Lori, pastry chef and owner of Chickadee Sweets. I love birds. I love cake. And I love making people happy with sweets.

I’ve been making cakes for a very long time and have always focused on using real, wonderful ingredients to create an experience reminiscent of an old-school bakery. All butter. All sugar. All flour. All the time.

A few years back, I started making jar cakes as a way to offer up a really unique treat to friends and family in Austin. Served in an 8 oz wide-mouth Mason jar, they’re just the right size and strike the perfect cake-to-frosting balance. It’s twice the size of a standard cupcake. But for those who like smaller portions, you can eat a bit, reseal the jar and save the rest of your cake for later. What’s not to love?

Jar cakes also stay incredibly flavorful and moist. They’re as good as fresh even after up to a week in the fridge, or a month in the freezer. That’s why jar cakes make for a really nice way to have decadent homemade treats on demand. Whether that’s for you, for a friend, or for a special gathering.

For now, I’m just offering my jar cakes in Austin, Texas. That’s home for me and allows me to focus on baking, and not the complexities offering them nationally. I may look into shipping down the road…but for now, I’m keeping it local. Ordering is easy. Just pick your flavors, look over the pricing and place your order!



$7.00Per jar cake
  • A single serving 8oz jar (any flavor).

    Just the right amount for dessert!

    Or afternoon snack*…or breakfast.
    *(Jars reseal for sneaking bites)

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$80.00Per dozen
  • Twelve 8oz jars (mix any 3 flavors).

    Birthdays, weddings, office events, etc!

    Or long-term happiness rations*.
    *(Freeze for up to one month)

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I’m not currently accepting new orders!